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21st Century

Petroleum Equipment Company was formed in 1944 when Mr. E.W. Fox, a distributor for Tokheim, and Mr. Johnny Whitfield teamed together to form a service organization devoted to repairing old gasoline pumps and related equipment. World War II was in progress at the time, so no new equipment was available to be sold.

After 1948, PECO was incorporated and later was joined by Mr. Luther Curry and then later Mr. Raylon Pigg and Mr. W.T. Hays, Jr. Several years later Mr. A.B.(Bryce) Pigg, brother of Raylon, became affiliated with the company

In 1966, Mr. Fox, the founder, had a stroke and was unable to continue as President. His wife, Mrs. Celeste M. Fox, took over the reins as President and General Manager until 1985, when her grandson Forrest Rhemann became President. The company saw expansion in the 1980's and the retirement of Raylon Pigg. The company moved from the Hooker Street location to its present Richland location in 1992. Bryce Pigg retired in 1997. The company continued its growth through the 1990's and looks forward to continued growth and expansion in the new millenium.